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SeesmicAIR Issue: Enhancemements

Name: Enhancemements
ID: 5
Project: SeesmicAIR
Type: Enhancement
Area: Design
Severity: Low
Status: Open
Related URL:
Creator: Dennis Howlett
Created: 02/01/08 11:50 PM
Updated: 02/01/08 11:55 PM
Description: I'm wondering whether there is mileage in taking a leaf out of Twhirl's playbook. I like the fact that I can lookup, search etc in that client. Thoughts?

Related topic - would it be possible to do D replies in Seesmic using SeesmicAIR or does Seesmic need to provide you with something on that? That's private replies, right?

BTW - great work, really liking it. Now I really do have to get a bigger screen!!

History: Created by dahowlett (Dennis Howlett) : 02/01/08 11:50 PM

Comment by Critter (Critter) : 02/01/08 11:55 PM
The seesmic API isn't setup for that at current.

btw.. the video will hopefully be resizeable again soon...

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